How you can help
People wishing to help Hospice Africa France can do so in a number of ways. They can make a financial donation (see Donations section on this website).

You can support the numerous events held throughout the year by Hospice France Africa.  Details of which will regularly be advertised on this web page.  Donations of books, clothing and bric-a-brac can be made to the shop in Jugon-le-Lacs. Details of shop opening times are contained on this web.

Volunteer Work

The work of Hospice Africa is led and carried out to a large extent by its Africa staff.  However, they have been supported since inception by volunteers.  Volunteers find that this is a two way process as in exchange for the knowledge and techniques they bring from the developed world they learn a great deal from the traditional Africa values demonstrated by our staff.

People with experience of palliative care and an open minded approach are always welcome provided they are self-sufficient and can find their own funding whilst volunteering.

Applications should be made in the first place to the President of HA(SP) France at  :-

Friends of Hospice Africa
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Donations to Hospice Africa (Soins Palliatifs) France are eligible to a reduction in French income tax.  The necessary paperwork needs to be requested at the time of donation.

Donations can be made in our shop in Jugon-les-Lacs or by post to our registered address: La Mairie, Place Martray, 22270, Jugon-les-Lacs, France

Hospice Uganda is entirely dependent on the goodwill of donors. In UK, support comes from two charity shops (Liverpool and Ainsdale) and in France from a Charity Shop in Jugon–le-Lacs Brittany, run by volunteers. Major donors, including USAID have supported HAU for the last 8 years. Hospice Africa is registered in UK, Ireland, US, the Netherlands and France. Australia has registration in process. Due to the recession and recent high inflation, HA are now in greater need and are grateful for any support to expand this service to the many still suffering in Africa.

Donations to Hospice Africa (Soins Palliatifs) France are eligible to a reduction in French income tax.
Apart from revenue received through the sale of goods from the shop fund raising events are held throughout the year.
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