Mission Statement
Our objective is to work for the spread of affordable palliative care in Francophone Africa. The method we have chosen is to initially train health professionals from francophone countries in affordable palliative care and to finance advocacy missions to francophone countries to introduce governments and health professionals to the idea of palliative care appropriate to a resource poor setting.  Having built up a basis of knowledge in francophone Africa we would wish to establish a centre of excellence in the region where we can:-
Give a practical demonstration of affordable palliative care.
Provide training in affordable palliative care and generally provide support groups initiating palliative care in francophone countries.
Plead with governments in francophone countries to include palliative care in their overall health plans
What is Palliative Care
Palliative care is acute care delivered in a comprehensive approach to the person with a serious illness or terminal disease. The goal of palliative care is to relieve physical pain and other symptoms, but also to take into account the psychological suffering, social and spiritual needs.

Palliative care and support are interdisciplinary. They address the patient as an individual, the family and loved ones at home or in institutions. Training and support for carers and volunteers are part of this process
News & Press
5th Initiators Course Invitation -English.pdf

The fourth francophone course has now finished in Uganda