Our work in Africa
The problem
Cancer is increasing in sub-Saharan Africa. The World health Organisation estimates that by 2028 there will be 1.4 M people suffering from cancer in that region. Treatments exists but only in the large cities and only for those who can afford them. Most cancer patients present themselves for treatment too late for their cancer to be cured. Where palliative care exists they have a chance to die without pain and in dignity. However it does not exist in the majority of French speaking African countries.
Our solution
For more than 20 years, Hospice Africa has provided palliative care in Uganda. With the use of affordable medicaments, their teams manage pain and relieve symptoms and help the patients and their carers to face the end of life. During that time, the education department (The Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa) has trained health professionals in Uganda and other English speaking countries such that affordable palliative care is available in the greater part of Uganda and more and more in other Anglophone countries.
Since 2009 Hospice Africa (soins palliatifs) France has worked to help health professionals in francophone countries to establish palliative care services in their countries.
Thanks to our work:
1 There is a francophone nurse trainer based at Hospice Africa Uganda who trains and supports our francophone students.
2 All documentation on the Uganda model of palliative care now exists in French.
3 More than 60 health professionals from 14 francophone African countries have received five weeks training in palliative care. Many others have received a basic introduction to palliative care.
4 Our teams have made advocacy and training visits to 5 francophone countries to share our experience with professionals and members of government.
5 Morphine powder (the most affordable form and the easiest to use) is available in Congo RDC and the francophone region of Cameroon for the first time.

Palliative care from Hospice Africa Uganda provides palliative care to cancer patients from diagnosis and to HIV/AIDS patients during critical illness and end of life in the home.  Coverage to the whole of Uganda is extended through people trained and education is 50% of our work from training of families in the home to University under and postgraduate levels.

HAU started a service to patients and families on 23 September 1993. HAU looks after cancer and/or HIV/AIDS patients by bringing the modern methods of pain and symptom control, counselling and spiritual support to the patient and family, mainly in their own homes and hospitals. It is estimated that up to 50% of the cancer patients also have AIDS.