Help us hit the high notes for Hospice Africa by joining
the virtual international “Voices for Hospice Africa

Nobel peace prize nominee Dr Anne Merriman founded Hospice Africa
(HA) and Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU) in 1993 to end the suffering of
seriously ill and dying people in Africa. Despite the great work of the charity in the last 23 years the reality is that millions are still dying in pain and discomfort due to lack of the most basic pain relief or care.
HAU is today a model of affordable end of life care. It is also providing
important training and education for health care workers all over the
Dr Anne is now 81 and still going strong. This year the Anne Merriman
Hospice Africa Foundation was set up to sustain and support Anne’s
vision and to ensure it thrives for generations to come.
Choir leader Peter Batley has composed a moving new anthem “Seeds of
Hospice Hope” to celebrate the launch in August of the Foundation in
Kampala. It was performed there by a Hospice Africa Uganda choir where
it went down a storm. We now want to maximize the potential of the song
and to exploit it for the benefit of Hospice Africa Movement.

The Seeds of Hope Virtual Choir

We want to create an international “virtual choir” to join to sing this inspiring song, and to use it for a high profile fundraising campaign in the lead up to Christmas. We want to mobilise as many choirs worldwide as possible (We can take up to 40). That’s why we are asking your choir to join now.Each participating choir will be asked to pay a contribution to take part (1 unit of their local currency per member of the choir e.g. 1$ per member in the USA).

From this website you can download a joining pack with sheet music
for a four-part or unison arrangement of the song; a backing track
as guidance to ensure we all sing in the same key and at the same
tempo; technical requirements for the recording and the video.

Once your performance is recorded then you choir will need to
register and send us a photo or video clip of them singing the song
and an mp3 file of their recording at :-


The videos and recording will be merged with images of the work of
Hospice in Uganda in a professional studio in France.

All choirs will be acknowledged at the end of the video.

The finished products will be:

1. A video uploaded on YouTube which will encourage
donations to the Hospice Africa organisations in Uganda,UK,
America, Ireland and France.

2. A recording of the virtual choir singing the song, available for
purchase and download online.

The choir contributions will be used first towards the costs of the
recording studio and then added to the donations to cover the running
costs of Hospice Africa Uganda.


Please go to the bottom of this page and complete the form with your choir details.  Then press the submit button to send it to Jim or Garry the Choir Project co-ordinators who will send you details by return of how to upload your MP3 recordings and any videos or photographs along with payment details. Thank You

Please watch the short video below to see just how important your donation can be and what it will help to achieve


Hospice Backing Track (MP3)
How it's Done
Hospice Song - How it Sounds  - (Simulation) - MP3
Hospice Vocal Unison
Vocal Score

Please complete the form below to register your choirs submission.  Also if you have any further questions  or require help please add this to the 'message' part of the form below. Jim or Garry will respond asap.

Name of Contact
Name of Choir